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About title
Born in Chicago and living his dream, singer/songwriter Christian St. James’ story is part blues song , part fairy tale and part inspirational testimonial. The blues song part is the story of a Midwest boy, born to a Cherokee Indian father and British American mother finding his way in the world and living the American Dream. The fairy tale part is the story of a man who suffered a burst aorta, was given little or no chance for survival, beat the odds and came back, even bigger and brighter than ever. The inspirational testimonial part is the story of never giving up and believing GOD has a plan for each of us and we can never quit on that plan. In his own words, “ No one can convince me there is no shot for me and my music. God saved me for a reason and this is it, to make my music ! ”

St. James uses his life experiences to create his songs and over the years has developed a unique vocal style and the honesty in his presentation are front and center on his debut CD, the aptly titled ‘Alive in Me.’ It’s difficult to categorize the genre of music that St. James creates which is a good thing, enabling him to cross over from pop to country to easy listening with sonic ease. The lead single, the haunting ‘Bobbie Jean’, recently hit # 1 on the Cashbox Magazine easy listening charts.

Christian St James is a strong and vibrant talent and will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Currently planning a national tour to promote the new CD, watch closely for an appearance of this Cashbox Records recording artist in a city near you. Experience Christian St. James and his one of a kind music and performance, you will be glad you did.


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